The Designer’s
Start by listening.

We recognize that the best solutions are answers to well-intentioned, simple questions asked in a spirit of humble learning and curiosity.

Treat design as a shared endeavor.

We co-create and collaborate alongside communities who have historically been marginalized, seeking out and amplifying new voices.

Create value while safeguarding against harm.

We recognize that design’s charter is to make change, but it’s imperative to carefully consider and remedy the unintended consequences of our work.

Think holistically.

We know that everything exists within complex, interdependent systems; we must always design with environmental, technological, and social contexts in mind.

Democratize design.

We believe that the potential of design is vast and so should be its beneficiaries—in the words of Charles & Ray Eames, “design the best for the most for the least.”

Invest in design for equity.

We aspire to align our charitable giving and philanthropy as well as that of our companies with this understanding of the transformative power of design.

Understand the urgencies of our time.

We will inform ourselves around the impacts of policy, capital, information, energy, material, and toxicity in every project we undertake.

Fight the good fight.

We will galvanize our fellow designers to defend the glory of the possible. Together, we’ll build a future that our discipline is worthy of and that we can be proud of.

Raise expectations.

We commit to pursue a moral elegance that brings dignity to all and ennobles everything we touch—with honesty, beauty, and optimism.

Look forward.

We aspire to design like our grandchildren’s grandchildren will live with the consequences of our choices. Because they will.

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Designer’s Pledge Signatories:

Allan Chochinov

Andrea Mignolo

August de los Reyes

Bon Ku

Bryan Lee

Casey Edgeton

Chuck Slaughter

Crystal English Sacca

Dan Bomze

Danny Alexander

David Kelley

Ella Harris

Emily Pilloton

Enrique Allen

Evan Sharp

George Aye

Jake Moritz

Jamie Myrold

Jeff Chapin

Jocelyn Wyatt

Joe Gebbia

Joe Speicher

John Cary

Johnnie Manzari

Jonathan Massey

Kate Aronowitz

Keith Yamashita

Kyle Reis

Laurie Adams

Linda Brand

Liz Ogbu

Llisa Demetrios

Marc Norman

Margaret Stewart

Maria Giudice

Matt Hunter

Mauro Porcini

Michael Birkin

Michael Hendrix

Michael Murphy

Mike Levinthal

Oriana Reich

Pam Scott

Patrice Martin

Phil Gilbert

Philippe Meunier

Raina Kumra

Raphaelle Loren

Renato Winnig

Richard Elder

Rob English

Sandy Speicher

Scott Belsky

Steve Vassallo

Stuart Davidson

Swati Mylavarapu

Tim Brown

Tony Fadell

Tony Macdonald

Valerie Casey