The first two convenings of The Design Vanguard reinforced that we’re at a pivotal moment in history where designers have unprecedented access to talent, influence, and resources across virtually every sector.

Discussions at our 2019 convening focused on the following three topics: diversity, ethics, and service and philanthropy.

Design Vanguard members embrace the challenge of cultivating design talent that truly reflects the society we serve. We have an opportunity to support organizations that guide designers from underrepresented backgrounds on their journey. We want designers from all backgrounds to feel welcome. We want designers from all backgrounds to thrive.

Design Vanguard members acknowledge the enormous responsibility of and creating solutions for social good. We can both anticipate the unintended consequences of design and rectify those consequences, should they ever arise.

Design Vanguard members can put our money where our mouth is, and invest directly in design for a better world by supporting nonprofit design organizations and their beneficiaries.

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